Our staff and customers are the most important element of our business and our intentions are to push through these difficult and challenging times in order to keep our operations and projects flowing smoothly.

– Anyone who is present on the premises at any time must fill out a questionnaire which is collected by our staff to identify any previous or future travel plans in order for us to reduce the risk of exposure to other people.

– High risk or vulnerable people have been given the opportunity to stay at/ work from home.

– All of our staff have been fully briefed on protection and how to deal with health concerns or symptoms if presented.


– We have split our factory into two seperate canteen zones. Work zones have been adjusted to at least 1-2 metres apart.

– Members of staff have been advised to bring their own cutlery and cups.

– Hand sanitiser is available throughout our factory, offices and showroom.

– Social distancing has been widely encouraged.

– Members of staff are working from home where possible.

– Designated zones for collections from delivery drivers/ parcel collections.

– Only a certain number of people are allowed in the showroom at once and we space consultations out accordingly.

– A seperate screen for customers to view their design to encourage social distancing during consultations.


– Site managers have been fully briefed on how to deal with any symptoms or concerns if presented.

– The cleaning of any surfaces they may have come in contact with using disinfectant wipes and the thorough cleaning of hands after use.

– All company vehicles have been provided with hand sanitiser.

– Travel commute advice has been issued to all our drivers and commuters.


Supply Chain
– Implemented the tracking of all materials for current and future projects and any at risk materials to ensure alternative materials can be sourced timely.

On Site Demand Tracker
– We are tracking all siteworks in terms of impact of the virus in order to manage demand and manage our manufacturing process.